Music Genre Preference vs Personality Revealed

Music Genre Preference vs Personality Revealed

Have you ever met someone you were immediately attracted to when you found out you have a favorite musician in common? You probably have a celebrity you vibe with musically. Sometimes, you dislike someone’s musical preference from the word go. Does music taste has something to do with individuality? Let’s see what different tastes in music reveal about people.


Most people who listen to rock music are very intuitive, open-minded, and can trust information that doesn’t reflect their reality. It means they’re open to future possibilities. When challenges come, you are likely to find these personalities calm and relaxed. Classic rock is more associated with hard-workers, while indie rock could indicate laziness and low self-esteem. But indie rockers tend to be more creative. Almost all rock fans are debaters. There’s a rebellious rock spirit in them.


Fans of reggae have so many positive attributes: extroversion, self-confidence, creativity, kindness, and generosity. They tend to be self-satisfied but relax when it comes to work ethics. Reggae is often associated with moving at a slower pace just to enjoy the present. The character of a reggae fan revolves around observing the immense beauty of what life has to offer.


The personality of pop fans stands out from the crowd. These are people who are highly extroverted, particularly the followers of chart-topping pop songs. However, they seem to lack creativity and might be turbulent or anxious once in a while. Pop fans maintain high-self-esteem and can comfortably tackle a hectic day.

Country Music

This music genre is associated with hard-working individuals who are also outgoing and traditional. Even though country songs focus on heartbreak, people who love them seem more emotionally stable. They might also be conservative. When it comes to openness and experiences, they rank low.

Rap and Hip-Hop

Hip-hop lovers have proven to be outgoing and highly extroverted. They love to party and socialize. Apart from their rhythmic and energetic vibes, they express very high self-esteem. Some hip hop fans are quite outspoken, and many have been judged as nasty. They often prefer current, tangible, and concrete information.


Metal fans turn out to be the complete opposite of pop lovers. They live in a world of ideas, intuitiveness, and reflection. They can interpret any information, whether tangible or not. The music itself is heavy and dark, but this cannot be said about the fans. A metal fan could be more gentle and creative than most people think. They are similar to a rock music lover but younger.

As you have seen, knowing someone’s musical taste could give you a clue about their personality. Please do not unfriend people because you disagree with their favorite playlists on Spotify. Many people listen to different genres, and you, too, should try. This cannot change your individuality, but you might realize some benefits. Let music taste not divide us but rather unite us.