Styles of Music

  • Electronic Music

    By on 2nd July 2019

    A relatively new style of music that has become popularized in the recent few decades, electronic music has moved...

  • Blues

    By on 27th February 2019

    Towards the end of the 19th century, Africian Americans from the Deep South of the United States began to...

  • Classical Music

    By on 5th January 2019

    Of all of the types of music, it's difficult not to consider music that is considered to be written...

  • Rock and Roll

    By on 7th December 2018

    Rock and Roll, sometimes referred to as Rock 'n' Roll is a style of music that was first created...

  • Jazz

    By on 10th July 2018

    There are few genres of music that can match jazz for the sheer number of varied artists and styles...