The Benefits of Music

The Benefits of Music

Music it’s not just pure entertainment. In fact, since ancient times, it has been used as a healing practice, as well as a means of communication with the supernatural world. Here, we’ll briefly describe the beneficial effects that listening to music can have on our body and mind.

Music for Meditation and Relaxation

After a long and busy day, there is nothing better than taking a moment for yourself. Meditation is not necessarily about following a specific routine. It might simply be an occasion to enjoy some silence, distance yourself from the “noise” of the outside world, and concentrate on your inner self. Music can help you to achieve this, as it will not only lease your ears, but it will slowly resonate through you.

Music for Concentration

Music can help you to achieve a good level of concentration when you are working or studying. It is crucial to choose a selection of songs that does not distract you, but, instead, gives you the right “rhythm” and “pace”. Genres such as heavy metal or rap are probably to avoid, as they will probably draw your attention too much. In a way, even classical music can be very distracting, because of its constant change in dynamics and level. You might try with some light electronic chillout, or easy listening pop/rock. Avoid your favourite artist: you’ll end up singing along every single song!

The Waves of Happiness

There are certain audio frequencies, called the “happiness frequencies” that can have an amazing effect on our brain, stimulating the production of substances that have a positive impact on our body, such as the endorphins and the serotonin. These substances can improve our mood, giving us a sense of instant relief from our everyday problems. On YouTube, you can find music that contains those frequencies, usually mixed with hypnotic sounding music. Just try to listen to one of those pieces of music for about twenty minutes: you will be amazed by the results.