Recover From the Stress of Touring

Recover From the Stress of Touring

There is no getting around the fact that most of a musician’s income is from touring. This could entail spending weeks on the road, bringing your music to enthusiastic fans. It’s a demanding and tiring way of life, spending night after night in a hotel room. Getting back to your own home will be a welcome relief, but you may struggle to settle down into your old routine. Having a familiar hobby can help you get back to normal.

Looking After Indoor Plants

One hobby that musicians particularly enjoy is that of looking after indoor plants. Taking care of something can distract the mind away from any stress caused by touring. Getting home again will be more interesting as you can see how your plants have fared while you have been gone. For example, you might need to find out how to repot zz plant if it has grown too big. Luckily, the Planta app will walk you through the process.

Learning a New Subject

As a talented musician, you undoubtedly know everything about your industry. You can become jaded if there is nothing new to learn. There is always something to discover when looking after plants. You can actually lose yourself in the Planta app, as it is packed with useful information, including how to repot zz plant when necessary. You can check the care instructions for specific plants and learn how to identify any problems.

What Happens While You Are Away?

One of your concerns while you are on tour is wondering what will happen to your plants. Obviously, they will still need looking after. If you are lucky enough to have helpful neighbors, you can show them how to set up a watering schedule on the Planta app. That way, your plants should thrive and still be in perfect condition when you return. All you’ll need to do is check if any of them have grown and need repotting.

Perhaps one day, you will decide it’s time to retire from touring, and looking after plants could be the start of a new career!