Top Reasons to Listen to Classical Music

Top Reasons to Listen to Classical Music

Classical music has undoubtedly been around for ages, but this genre, as many studies suggest, continues to excite and entertain thousands of listeners worldwide. There are tons of benefits of classical music; from reducing depression and making you happy, to improving productivity and boosting your brain power.

Improves Brain Power

Did you realise that listening to Mozart can boost your brain power? According to a study by renowned researchers from the Sapienza University of Rome, classical compositions, such as those by Beethoven, increase brain wave activity. And this has a positive effect on the listeners’ memory, intelligence quotient (IQ), and the ability to solve problems.

Reduces Stress

Are you suffering from depression, or have you been stressed lately due to work, financial or relationship problems? Scientists claim that classical music has a tempo which is similar to that of a heartbeat and can help ease depression and anxiety. And thus, just put on some classical music to let go of stress, negativity, anger, and emotional pain. However, if symptoms persist, click here to get instant medical help.

Improves Productivity

If you think that you’ve reached rock bottom or you can longer take it, be it work, relationship, or school, then listen to classical music. Researchers hailing from the University of Pennsylvania

Health System in Philadelphia, the University of Maryland in Baltimore and the Harbor Hospital in Baltimore found that listening to classical music can improve mood and productivity in the reading room.

Classical Music Makes You Happy

When you’re alone and not in a jovial mood, just tune into classic hits, and you’ll love every moment. Classical music, like other genres, helps with the secretion of dopamine, which is the brain’s pleasure centre. Singing along to the tunes helps your body counter depression and be happy. But take care not to listen to the songs which make you regret breaking up with your loved ones.

Helps You Sleep Better

Have you been experiencing symptoms of insomnia? Classical music is relaxing and tends to be better than verbal stimuli when it comes to soothing you before you fall asleep. So, if you toss in your bed for hours before falling asleep, consider turning your music player on and listen to classical music for 45 minutes before getting into bed. Examples of classic hits which can put you to sleep include:

  • Moonlight Sonata: Beethoven
  • Air on the G String: Sebastian Bach
  • Claire de Lune: Claude Debussy

Decreases Blood Pressure Levels

Looking for a way to keep your heart healthy and your blood pressure at normal levels? Researchers from Oxford University found that listening to classical music can help lower blood pressure. Other genres of music with high-tempo, such as rap and pop, tend to increase your blood pressure levels.

Classical music can also help spark your creative side and help you realise your true potential. Turn up the radio, and enjoy!