Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll, sometimes referred to as Rock ‘n’ Roll is a style of music that was first created back in the 1940s in America. Although the precise origins of Rock and Roll are a subject of lively debate, what is clear is that it has it’s origins in the lively and popular jazz scene that was prevalent in America at the time. Although the original offerings may not be considered to be true Rock and Roll as would be defined by todays standards, those original pieces did help to define the genre and set a number of standards for decades to come.

What seperated Rock and Roll from other musical styles, is that it is essentially a dance beat but with an accentuated backbeat which would be typically provided by a snare drum.

One of the earliest, and perhaps greatest Rock and Roll bands is The Beatles. Orignally formed as a five man band known as Long John and the Silver Beatles, they decided to contract their name and switched to a four man format, which became a standard for Rock and Roll bands for a long time to come. While it may be difficult to pick which of The Beatles’ music is considered to be their greatest, the band have gone through a number of genre changes over the years to the dismay of some fans of their earlier works.

The evolution of Rock and Roll over the years has been staggering to anyone who has observed it, perhaps the most dramatic changes happened during the early 1970s, when a subgenre of Rock and Roll was invented, typically described as psychedelic rock. Some of the best known psychedelic rock artist are guitarist Jimi Hendrix and his band The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Rock and Roll had changed at this time when being played live, and bands began to move away from a more clean cut and suitwearing style, to a more relaxed and contemporary style of dressed, with a number of bands developing a style of tight trousers and open necked shirts. This style did not prove as popular with fans of Rock and Roll from the early 1960s, but luckily for those fans there has always been a number of bands willing to stick to that style.